Golden Goose Shoes with Moren

Golden Goose Shoes with Moren

« The move toward fork and spoon was a central goal for teaching American etiquette and domestic science in the early 1900s, » says Orquiza, whose area of focus includes PhilippineAmerican relations. « Kamayan may have been fine under the Spanish period, but the American drive to Golden Goose Shoes reform and civilize Philippine culture was allencompassing. »

For Gilbuena, of the roving SALO series, reclaiming kamayan was a motivating factor behind her popup circuit. « I want to make people feel okay: that it’s a natural thing to do, » she says. « For us to be so resistant to what was innate and ancestral . we need a little reboot. »

Without practice, it can get messy but tonight, everyone tries. Diners get low, hands and faces dirtying as they pluck apart crab shells and housecured longganisa, a sweet and fatty sausage. The cupped hand trick hasn’t worked for everyone, grains of rice are scattered across the spread. « Everyone feels like they’re on the same level, » says Dan Moren, for whom tonight is his first taste of Filipino food.

Across the table from Moren, and with no smocks to be found, the diner in the lightcolored dress shirt has dipped the tip of his tie into his breast pocket. He and his dining partner talk with Moren and his girlfriend. The two couples introduced themselves when they took their seats now they laugh and joke as they pass each other food.

An unexpected byproduct of the kamayan format is that it makes you put your phone down (once you’ve taken your photos of the spread, that is). « Instead, you talk, and really engage with everyone around you, » says Krizzia Yanga, owner of Bonifacio.

Golden Goose and answer questions

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